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Impact of India’s Inclusive Growth Strategy in Ensuring Socioeconomic Security of Women: An Assessment of MGNREGA and NRLM

Sumit Dey, Vandana Upadhyay


This article attempts to assess the role of inclusive growth strategy in ensuring the socioeconomic security of women based on primary data collected from Chitlerpul  village of Dhubri district in Assam. The sample for the study comprises women beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries of two selected government schemes, the MGNREGA and NRLM. The study constructed a socioeconomic security index to assess the socioeconomic status of the respondents and a Beta regression model to identify the factors that determine the socioeconomic security status of the women.

Keywords:inclusive growth, socioeconomic security, insecurity, beta regression

DOI: 10.32444/IJSW.2023.84.1.69-84

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